Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Open a paypal account and verify it in 15 minutes in Ghana

How to open a verified paypal account in Ghana, make money with your paypal account within 15 minutes

If an American who is living in Ghana can open a paypal account right here in Ghana, nothing stops you too from registering your paypal!

If you have been on the internet for sometime now, you will definetely agree with me
that sometimes it look almost impossible for someone to run a successful online
business without having a paypal account.
Have you been in a position where you wanted to purchase something online, only to
find out that you must have a paypal account before you can purchase such products? I
have been there several times without number.
It was because of this burden that led me to this research and finally i can boldly say
that anyone who follows my principle will be able to open a paypal account in Nigeria in
15 minutes using your Nigerian address and not changing your i.p.
That may sound stupid but it is true.
I want to say that at the time of writing this, the informations provided here are valid and
work like magic BUT paypal can decide to upgrade their security system at anytime
which might stop the effectiveness of the steps outlined here.
In other words, dont wait. Let's begin immediately.

What Is A Paypal Account?
A paypal account is an online payment solution system that makes you fund your
account with them to enable you make and receive payments online. With a paypal
account you can buy things online and also receive money from it too.
Owning a paypal account is very important such that most internet marketers own and
use paypal account.
Paypal don't accept Nigerians. Why?
It is because of reasons that they only can explain but they claim that the rate of frauds
in Nigerian is too high that if they grant Nigerians access to their websites, it will not
only make them lose money but also lose their credibility online. Unfortunately a lot of
Nigerians who wants to use paypal for various but legitimate purposes have been held
back because of that simple decision made by paypal. Believe me paypal is very strict.
In this report my major aim is to show you how to safely and securely open a paypal
account in Nigeria like i did without much problems. Infact you will be able to operate a
paypal account in Nigeria in just 15 minutes after reading this e-book. Surprised?
Well,by the time you get to the end of this report you will agree with me and maybe
call me a genius.